Developers, investors, users and community have united in the Rotterdam Central District. The objectives of the association are: marketing and promotion in order to recruit new users, the attraction of the area clear (placemaking) and hold network meetings (business club). The association was founded Friday, April 17, 2009 during a meeting in the middle of Rotterdam Central District, in the Unilever building at the Weena.

The RCD Board

Hans de Jonge (Brink Groep / TUD) - voorzitter
Oscar van Veen (Mangrove) - vice voorzitter
Olaf Smit (Van der Stap Notarissen) - secretaris
Jaap Snellen (CBRE Global Investors) - penningmeester
Jan-Cees Blok (Gemeente Rotterdam / Stadsontwikkeling)
Monique Maarsen (Maarsen Groep)
Marius Meurs (Groot Handelsgebouw)
Jannelieke Aalstein (Gemeente Rotterdam)


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