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Rotterdam is young and dynamic and has a hands-on mentality. The city exudes ambition and a no-nonsense attitude, cherishing entrepreneurship as a fundamental value. We are a city that invites exploration, a city to be experienced. As the city’s calling card, Rotterdam Central District is pivotal to the economic development of the city centre. Thanks to its transport options, central location and the mixture of multinationals, local businesses and housing, the area is set to be transformed into a dynamic portal offering access to the city, making it a varied and appealing business location. Rotterdam is a city where you will surely feel at home.

International and regional transport hub

Rotterdam is the gateway to Europe, offering excellent road, train, air, inland waterway and short sea shipping connections. Once completed in 2012, the new ultra-modern public transport
terminal will make Rotterdam Central District an international transport hub, through which 75 million travellers per year are expected to pass by 2025. Schiphol international airport (which is only 20 minutes away by high-speed train) and Rotterdam The Hague Airport offer direct flights to and from destinations worldwide. The connection to the European high-speed train network and the regional light rail service RandstadRail bring destinations such as The Hague, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London and Hamburg within easy reach.

Energy Capital of Europe

The Port of Rotterdam has been the largest seaport in Europe for any years, handling more cargo than any other European port. Rotterdam is sure to retain this position as it is set to reclaim 2,000 hectares 5,000 acres) of land from the sea for new port activities. The port is also one of the four most important ports in the world. Such a significant port city needs a dynamic urban centre with a 24-hour economy that can accommodate organizations related to otterdam’s traditionally strong energy, logistical, industrial and trade sectors. Rotterdam Central District is that economic centre.


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